Mulan is one of my favorite Disney princesses <3 

ref’ed off a screenshot from the movie 

Finally uploading this on Tumblr. /wew


Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolors

Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm 0.3mm 

I realized I haven’t uploaded this here yet so here you go 

August 2013

Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolors

Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm 0.3mm

sheenalovessunsets asked: Hi Nicole, if you're free on March 8, I want to personally invite you to this all-day camp that I'm organizing with my friends!! It's only 500 pesos and inclusive of lunch, snacks and freebies na!! Hope to meet you there!! You can check out our facebook site at /thesparkcamp :)

Thank you for inviting me! The problem is, I can’t go because I have class during Saturdays :( I really appreciate the invite, though! God bless with the event! :) 

Have a Sasuke~ /shot

Ref’ed from the official artbook

This was an attempt to try to integrate emotion into my art. It turned out too stiff, as usual. /fail 

Pokemon Papermons :) Thought I’d upload some of the stuff on my Instagram

My collection of Avatar sketches :)

The last one was drawn over a year ago. The lok sketches were ref’ed from screens from various eps and Zuko was referenced off The Search Part 3. 

It’s been years since I last watched/read Bleach but I still can’t get over Hitsugaya <3

I referenced this somewhere on pixiv. I would be grateful if someone could tell me the artist. :)